VisualsByUS is your technical advisor of skilled in-house graphic design professionals who produce a variety of striking visual communications products, including branding, print communications (brochures, manuals, reports), information design (charts, graphs, schedules), promotional design (posters, signs, exhibit booths), and digital communications (Web sites, interactive applications, and electronic newsletters). Our graphic services and products are distinguished by their high-level of quality and integrity. VisualsByUS is committed to investing in a solid understanding of our client’s objectives, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and keeping current on trends and innovations, and ensuring that we produce the most effective communications for our client’s intended audience(s).

Logo Design and Brand Identity 
VisualsByUS has extensive experience designing identities for organizations, programs, and events, in addition to developing branding communications guidelines. We provide our clients with as much support as needed in developing identity goals and conducting competitive research, before moving on to creative design concepts and final logo design and branding elements.

VisualsByUS has produced a wide variety of print materials, including fliers, brochures, fact sheets, case studies, reports, manuals, handbooks, presentations, newsletters, posters, signs, and exhibit booths.

VisualsByUS excels at the creative and technical aspects of designing and implementing electronic communications, including electronic newsletters, e-mail blasts, user interfaces for interactive applications and web sites. Our talented graphic professionals always design with the end-user in mind and conduct usability testing as needed. We provide source code that is section 508 and CSS/XHTML standards-compliant, test rigorously for cross-browser compatibility, and apply search engine optimization best practices.

Responsive Web 
VisualsByUS understands the increasing number of internet users who use their mobile phone, adapting your portfolios for different browser sizes and mobile technologies is a must. Responsive web design is the latest major trends across the web industry – responsive web design is when a website were designed automatically responds to the device your customers are using to view it. Our responsive website gives users across different devices a fluid, consistent experience.

Illustration and Infographics
VisualsByUS recognizes that the effective visual display of quantitative information is integral to quality data analysis and reporting. We utilize the best practices available in data visualization and pride ourselves on the clean, clear, and rich presentation of complex information. VisualsByUS has created a number of compelling representations of data as static images, such as charts, maps,
and technical illustrations.